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European Wind Storm Data

We provide historic wind storm reports and can provide feeds of data in near real time by FTP. This data is used to support the verification of insurance claims and the valuation of CAT bonds.

Weather variables we can supply include hourly maximum gust, hourly average wind speed, hourly wind direction and surface pressure.

We offer a high density of sites both for historic storms and feeds..please see the table below for the approximate number of sites in each historic storm.

Year Wind storm Name Countries (Geographical Coverage) Start Day
(0000 UTC)
End Day
(2359 UTC)
Days Num of
1976 Capella UK, Germany 31/Dec/1975 03/Jan/1976 3 259
1987 87J France, UK 14/Oct/1987 17/Oct/1987 3 375
1990 Daria UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany 24/Jan/1990 27/Jan/1990 3 561
1990 Herta Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, UK 02/Feb/1990 05/Feb/1990 3 519
1990 Vivian Switzerland, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, UK 24/Feb/1990 28/Feb/1990 4 584
1990 Wiebke Switzerland, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, UK 27/Feb/1990 02/Mar/1990 3 598
1999 Anatol Denmark, Sweden, Germany 02/Dec/1999 04/Dec/1999 2 262
1999 Lothar France, Switzerland , Germany 25/Dec/1999 27/Dec/1999 2 326
1999 Martin France, Switzerland, Germany 26/Dec/1999 29/Dec/1999 3 327
2002 Jeanette Ireland, UK , Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, UK, France, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia 26/Oct/2002 28/Oct/2002 2 1014
2004 Dagmar UK, France, Germany 16/Dec/2004 18/Dec/2004 2 426
2005 Erwin Germany, Norway, Sweden 07/Jan/2005 09/Jan/2005 2 436
2007 Kyrill Ireland, France, Netherlands, Germany, UK, Belgium, Austria 16/Jan/2007 19/Jan/2007 3 632
2008 Paula Poland, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Sweden 24/Jan/2008 26/Jan/2008 2 667
2008 Emma Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland 29/Feb/2008 02/Mar/2008 2 495
2009 Klaus France, Spain 23/Jan/2009 25/Jan/2009 2 217
2009 Quinten France 09/Feb/2009 11/Feb/2009 2 148
2010 Xynthia Belgium, Denmark, France, England, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, UK 26/Feb/2010 01/Mar/2010 3 905