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Frame-by-frame real-time graphical and numerical presentation of the actual and change in forecast (ECMWF and GFS forecast models). Updated as each time step of the model is released.

Speed, Speed, Speed,...

The proximity of Speedwell’s London office to ECMWF coupled with streamlined model processing on dedicated servers results in fast delivery of ECMWF forecast changes to the market. Client feedback indicates that we are usually ahead of the competition.
The FastCast® product has been designed with input from traders. The goal is to present the information rapidly and in a straight-forward manner: "warmer or colder..."?

Station Forecasts or Regions

Station forecasts are based upon the model forecast for a particular point on the earth. Regional forecasts combine model outputs within a given geographical area. Regional forecasts include US power regions and European countries.

New FastCast Multi-Site

Allows the user to track any four configurable areas simultaneously
Best Global Weather Risk Management Advisory/Data Service Winner for the 7th consecutive year
Regional Analysis
Regional analysis (such as the USA ERCOT region shown below) use a basket of forecast grid points located within a given area.

View the difference between successive model runs or previous runs: Diff 6hr (for GFS only), Diff 12hr, Diff 24hr, Diff 48hr, Diff 72hr
Rapid Updates
The FastCast graph updates automatically as each time step becomes available, frame by frame.
View the model difference: ECMWF operational and/or ECMWF ensemble and/or GFS Ensemble and/or GFS Operational, TMax, TMin, TAvg or Precipitation. This example shows difference of each model as compared with the run 24-hours ago.

Available Stations & Regions

European Regions

Austria Czech Republic Denmark
Finland France Germany
Greece Hungary Ireland
Netherlands Norway Poland
Romania Slovakia Spain
Sweden Switzerland U. Kingdom

Specific Sites in European countries

Austria Czech Republic Denmark
Finland France Germany
Greece Hungary Ireland
Netherlands Norway Poland
Romania Slovakia Spain
Sweden Switzerland U. Kingdom

USA: NERC Power Regions in the USA


Specific Sites in the USA
>100 sites in all states

CME Weather Contracts Site Packs
US CME European CME
Canadian CME Australian CME
To Complement the FastCast charts, tables and maps are also available: The maps show absolute and forecast change for the Ensemble (average and member 1) as well as the Operational products. The tables present numerically the same information as shown on the FastCast graphs.

see the evolution of the forecast or forecast change frame by frame.
The FastCast Grid updates MULTIPLE sites showing the change in daily TMin and TMax as each day becomes available. The table fills from left to right in real time.

The FastCast Grid can show specific sites or regions.
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