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Speedwell Weather Limited

Founded in 1999, Speedwell Weather provides quality weather data, weather forecasts, software, and consultancy. From offices in the UK and the USA we serve clients world-wide in sectors including weather risk, energy and agriculture. Our data products include SuperPack® which provides unlimited access to our thousands of high quality world-wide weather data sets. Speedwell Weather is the dominant settlement agent for parametric weather risk contracts.

Speedwell supplies quality historical and real-time weather data for tens of thousands of sites across the globe. We have direct data supply agreements with a wide range of national meteorological services.

Speedwell is the provider of the Speedwell Weather System (SWS), the pre-eminent weather derivative pricing and risk management software.

Speedwell Weather System (SWS)

SWS is an open, internally-installed client-server software application for the weather derivatives market. SWS covers weather derivative pricing, portfolio risk management and weather data and forecast warehousing. Both the capital markets and portfolio/actuarial methodologies used in the weather market are supported. SWS integrates with historical weather data and forecasts supplied by multiple suppliers. SWS offers full support for front, middle and back office functions including the process management of the entire life cycle of a weather derivative trade. SWS is used by banks, insurance companies, investment funds and energy companies worldwide.

weatherXchange Limited

weatherXchange® is a free-of-charge platform that helps companies structure index-based weather protection and easily compare prices from multiple protection sellers. The platform is provided by weatherXchange Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Speedwell Weather Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Speedwell Settlement Services Limited (SSSL)

SSSL is a leading provider of meteorological settlement data for index based weather risk contracts worldwide. SSSL is authorised and regulated by the FCA as a benchmark administrator.