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Weather Data

SuperPack® / SuperPack® Premium

Designed for companies with significant data needs, SuperPack products provide immediate group-wide access to over 20,000 meteorological data sets from weather stations around the world. Historical data and feeds are provided. Data can be accessed via website download, FTP or API (SuperPack Premium only).

On-request access to our full archive of over 100,000 weather stations is also included.

SuperPack is provided corporate wide for a single annual fee dramatically simplifying the provision of corporate weather data needs. SuperPack Premium additionally offers unlimited access to our archives of gridded data sets.

Gridded Data

Speedwell Weather offers subscribers centralised access to a wide choice of gridded data series. These data sets can be used to provide data points for a wide range of weather variables anywhere in the world. Multiple data sets are available built from a mixture of ground observations, satellite data and forecast-reanalysis data. We are able to advise on suitability of given data sets for specific applications.

Access to gridded data can be provided through our SWS system, a website single-point download tool, FTP delivery or (coming soon) via API.

In addition to providing a central-point source of multiple data sets at their "native" resolutions, we are also able to provide proprietary data sets including high-resolution data sets for some variables. We offer "Synthetic Wind Farm Benchmarks" which use gridded wind data and wind turbine power curves to generate a synthetic time series designed to replicate actual power output. These are used in risk-transfer.

Recalibrated Data

Speedwell Recalibrated Datasets re-base historical temperature data for important reference sites by adjusting for known or observed discontinuities that have accumulated over the lifetime of the observations.

This product includes corrected historical data as well as access to real-time analysis.

Custom Data Request

Please feel free to contact us if you have any custom data requirements. Datasets can be provided as single time series or as custom packages tailored to your requirements