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Agriculture Data Packs
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Founded in 1999, Speedwell Weather supplies historical and real-time weather data for tens of thousands of weather reference sites around the world. Speedwell has direct data supply agreements with a wide range of national meteorological services and provides a single-point of contact for the provision of high quality weather data to the energy, agriculture, banking, insurance and weather risk management sectors.

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Speedwell Data Service - Agriculture

US Maize

We continue to expand our global crop specific data packages. These packages focus on the most highly traded agriculture commodities in the world (e.g. coffee, sugar, corn, wheat, and cotton)

For each crop we offer a relevant group of stations. For each station group we offer the following

China Cotton

Historical data

  • Daily temperature & precipitation
  • Cleaned data
  • 30+ years of history depending upon the station


  • Calculated normals for a station
  • 10 yr, 20 yr, …
  • Smoothed dataset

Ongoing feeds

  • Previous day actual
  • Cleaned data


  • Station level forecasts
  • Speedwell ECMWF/GFS downscaled
  • 15-day temperature
  • 15-day precipitation
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