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Weather Forecast Services

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FastCast®: The FastCast forecast viewer shows the latest output from four forecast models with the particular aim of showing the change in the forecast as fast as possible. The models are ECMWF Ensemble; the ECMWF Operational; the GFS Ensemble and the GFS Operational. These are processed rapidly as each time step of the model is received. FastCast forecasts give the trading markets a very quick appraisal of any change in the forecast from the previous run.

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FastCast is licenced group-wide for an unlimited number of users.

Forecast Dashboard: The Speedwell Forecast Dashboard is a fast and convenient way to view all of your Speedwell site-specific forecast products. The Dashboard displays Speedwell downscaled forecasts for temperature precipitation from four forecast models: ECMWF Ensemble, ECMWF Operational, GFS Ensemble and GFS Operational.

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15-Day Site-Specific Downscaled Ensemble Forecast: Covering sites in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, China, Japan and South America. These probabilistic multi-member ensemble forecasts based on the ECMWF and GFS models. They are available as a data feed by FTP or graphically via our web site.

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Monthly (32-day) Downscaled ECMWF Site-Specific Ensemble Forecast: Covering sites in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, China and Japan. These 51-member forecasts are available as a data feed by FTP and graphically via our web site. Based on the ECMWF model which uses a coupled ocean-atmospheric mode after day 10.The monthly forecast is issued twice per week - on Mondays and Thursdays.

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Population-Weighted Basket Forecasts - FlexIndexes:

Speedwell Weather provides probabilistic forecasts and historic time series based on weighted baskets of weather reference sites. We call these FlexIndexes. Over 50 standard FlexIndex products are available off-the-shelf, but they may also be defined by the client on request.

Used to model regional energy demand, each FlexIndex is a fully downscaled probabilistic forecast derived from the component sites in the basket. FlexIndex forecasts are available for 15 days and monthly time periods based on ECMWF and GFS models. FlexIndexes can be viewed on our website and delivered by FTP.

As part of the product we provide:

-ECMWF 15 day downscaled ensemble forecast: note that in order to respect model consistency a basket is created for each ensemble
-ECMWF 32-day downscaled ensemble forecast: note that in order to respect model consistency a basket is created for each ensemble
-GFS 15 day downscaled ensemble forecast: note that in order to respect model consistency a basket is created for each ensemble
-ECMWF 10-day downscaled Operational forecast: note that in order to respect model consistency a basket is created for each ensemble
-GFS 15 day downscaled Operational forecast: note that in order to respect model consistency a basket is created for each ensemble
-History of the weighted basket for TMin, TMax, TAverage
-Cleaned daily feeds
-Climate averages updated annually (kernel-smoothed)

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Available baskets:

USA CAISO Population Weighted Basket
USA ERCOT Population Weighted Basket
USA ISONE population Weighted Basket
USA NYISO Population Weighted Basket
USA PJM Population Weighted Basket
USA SPP Population Weighted Basket

Please note: for whole-of-USA Gas demand modelling please see our WDD day product here and here

Europe-All Population Weighted Basket Flex comprising 55 major cities in Europe
Austria Population Weighted Basket
Benelux Population Weighted Basket
Bosnia/Croatia/Serbia Population Weighted Basket
Bulgaria Population Weighted Basket
Croatia Population Weighted Basket
Czech Republic Population Weighted Basket
Denmark Population Weighted Basket
Finland Population Weighted Basket
France Population Weighted Basket
Germany Population Weighted Basket (15 sites, 2010 census)
Germany Population Weighted Basket (5 sites, legacy definition)
Ireland Population Weighted Basket
Italy Population Weighted Basket
Italy-North Population Weighted Basket
Italy-South Population Weighted Basket
Netherlands Population Weighted Basket
Norway Population Weighted Basket
Poland Population Weighted Basket
Romania Population Weighted Basket
Scandinavia Population Weighted Basket
Serbia Population Weighted Basket
Slovenia Population Weighted Basket
Turkey Population Weighted Basket
United Kingdom Population Weighted Basket
Ukraine Population Weighted Basket
Canada Population Weighted Basket
Chile Population Weighted Basket
Uruguay Population Weighted Basket
China Population Weighted Basket
India Population Weighted Basket
Indonesia Population Weighted Basket
Japan Population Weighted Basket
South Africa Population Weighted Basket
South Korea Population Weighted Basket
Thailand Population Weighted Basket

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European Gas Day Forecasts - New October 2013: We are pleased to release the first of our European Gas-Day Forecasts sites. For these 80 sites we provide a down-scaled ensemble forecast based on the average of the 24 hourly temperatures for the 0600 to 0500 (incl.) time period, matching the trading convention of many gas markets in Europe. This product is based on the 15-day ECMWF forecast model. See here for the sites available

European Power Report: the Power Report provides a graphical representation of weather conditions in the coming week summarising temperature, rainfall and wind.

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US Gas-Weighted Degree Day report: Provides the best possible information to anticipate the EIA natural gas storage and withdrawal reports by combining recent weather data and forecasts.

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The WDD product has been updated to reflect 2010 census data.

The Market Report: A summary showing the impact of the change in the ECMWF forecast over the last 24 hours on the fair-value price of CME weather futures.

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Historic Forecast Archives: Speedwell are able to provide archives of historic forecasts. We can provide archives of ECMWF and GFS forecasts for a period of 18 months. We can also provide the US National Weather Service (NWS) GFS MOS extended forecast from the June 2000 to present. This is a 7-Day forecast offering daily maximum and minimum temperature.

Speedwell Downscaled Site-Specific Forecasts

Speedwell site-specific ensemble forecasts are available for over 1,200 sites across the world covering 15-day and monthly periods. Our ensemble forecast is a fully downscaled probabilistic forecast which captures information that is normally lost in a traditional deterministic forecast: the confidence of the forecast at each time step.

The product is based on the forecast models run by two of the world's leading numerical prediction centres: the European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (ECMWF) and the GFS model. The outputs of both models are grid-based and need to be "downscaled" to produce the site-specific forecasts necessary for energy and agriculture. The downscaling process requires accurate "ground truth": i.e. the availability of actual data for the site concerned for which we draw on our data base of tens of thousands of weather stations.

An ensemble forecast comprises a number of "members", each of which can be viewed as a separate forecast. Each member is derived from multiple runs of the same forecast model by modifying the starting conditions which are used to initialise those models. Under certain situations, these changes of conditions can produce a big change in forecast outcomes (high uncertainty). At other times, these changes have little impact (low uncertainty).

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How is the forecast viewed?

The forecast is available in view graphical and in tabular formats through the Speedwell website. The forecasts are also available as a data feed delivered by FTP. The data feed delivers the underlying data for each member of the forecasts.

Viewing the Forecast on the Speedwell Web Site

The Speedwell forecast may be viewed interactively in graphical and tabular format through the Speedwell website ( Uniquely, the website also offers the user access to historical archives of forecasts as well as the means to overlay forecasts for different sites, for different forecast periods and for different weather elements (e.g. TMin / TMax / rain) with complete flexibility. Graphical images can easily be exported and used in external documents (subject to licence). Forecasts can be overlaid with 10-year smoothed average, previous year's value, actual outturn and forecast change from previous run. On-line verification statistics are also made available.

Some examples of website outputs are shown below:

"Box plots" with Climate Average.

The Box Plot shows the average of all ensembles, a box covering the mid quartiles, outliers and the smoothed 10-year climate average. The box plots give a clear sense of the confidence in the forecast with tighter boxes indicating less forecast uncertainty. Also shown below are thumbnails which lead the user to a clear representation of the distribution of possible outcomes.

For each day, or in the case of the seasonal forecast, for each month, the various forecasts implied by each member of the ensemble are shown in a probability distribution graph. This gives very important information about the forecast. While a tight spread shows a high degree of confidence, there are occasions when there is no single dominant outcome.

Viewing the Probability Distribution

The probability distribution graph drops each forecast member into "buckets". Thumbnails for the forecast distribution as shown above can then be inspected at full size as shown below:

"Spaghetti" Graph.

The "spaghetti" graph gives a full sense of the separate paths of each ensemble. Member 1, shown in blue below can be easily highlighted.

"Combination" Graph

The "Combination" graph combines the average forecast with recent actual data and last year's data for context.

Graphical Forecast Overlay

The data graphing options available to the user are shown below. The background image shows monthly forecasts for TMin and TMax with respective observed data and climatologies.

15-day forecast example showing a plot of the forecast average for TMax and TMin forecasts issued on 23rd March and on 4th April. Each shown with actual data.

15-day forecast example showing the overlay of TMax ensemble average with observed data, last year's data and forecast error (green).

Monthly forecast example showing a plot of the 51 member forecast average for TMax shown with smoothed climatology and outturns.

Tabular Presentation

Speedwell forecasts are also available in tabular form through the website. The table shown below presents user-selectable forecast information for a number of sites simultaneously. Forecast average, median, volatility, difference from 10-year average as well as HDD and CDD values are available.

The Single Site Daily Forecast Table presents a range of forecast data for the site selected by the user. For weather derivative traders, the example is of particular interest as it shows the difference between HDD or CDD derived from the average of the 51 members and that derived from taking the average HDD/CDD value using each of the 51 members.

Our Clients
Speedwell Forecast products are used by energy, agriculture, insurance companies and banks world-wide.

Becoming a Client
It is possible to experience the full flexibility of the Speedwell forecast product on our website immediately. Go to and register for a free trial. This will give access to a limited range of forecast sites while demonstrating the comprehensive graphical viewing, overlaying and forecast archive features.

Forecast Verification
In addition to the verification which can be performed by the user on the Speedwell website, we are able to provide verification statistics on 15-day and monthly products.

Forecasts and Weather Derivatives
Speedwell Ensemble Forecasts integrate automatically with the Speedwell Weather System (SWS) for pricing weather derivatives. The user can select the forecast type to use and price both using the average of the forecast and by using each ensemble member separately to correctly capture the convexity implicit in a probabilistic forecast. Please contact us for more information.