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Weather Station Installation

When structuring a weather risk management program weather observations in the area of concern are often found to be unreliable.


-Existing stations not seen as "safe"
-Existing weather stations reporting sporadically or late.
-Nearest available weather stations may be some distance away leading to an unacceptable amount of "basis risk".


-Installation of a weather station specifically designed to meet the specific needs of the project at the exact location required.
-Historical analysis conducted using modelled data.
-Installed weather stations can be used for primary settlement, as back-up station(s), or as part of a quality control program used for the creation of certified settlement data.

Speedwell has a deep understanding of what protection sellers require to be comfortable with a weather risk transaction. Independent third party confirmation of observations, readily accessible observations for tracking a deal and the transparency of methodology are all key components for a successful project.

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Speedwell Weather Instruments Installation in Chile
Weather Station Installation / Settlement Data (overview)
  • Clarify project goals
  • Equipment selection
  • Equipment procurement
  • Land rights acquisition
  • Additional materials procurement
  • Obtain local labour / site preparation / station / installation
  • Data processing
  • Site maintenance
  • Settlement data
  • Site decommissioning
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