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Forensic Weather Services

Speedwell Weather is pleased to be able to provide companies looking to verify or contest insurance claims for damages relating to weather with access to weather data from across the globe. With our extensive archives of historical data, we can also combine such information with a deep understanding of what constitutes "normal conditions". The services we are able to provide include the following:

  • Provision of hourly weather data, where available, to verify the occurrence of specific weather events leading to claims for direct or indirect indemnification.
  • Provision of daily weather data including, where available, maximum gust wind speed, maximum and minimum temperatures, snow depth, sunshine hours, humidity.
  • Provision of a meteorological opinion on general weather conditions relating to the time and location of an insurance claim.
  • Statistics relating to weather conditions over a period to long term averages or "return periods".
  • Access to archives of historical forecasts. This can give an indication to what extent a weather event was predictable and therefore the extent to which damages might have been reasonably mitigated.
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