Who are Speedwell Weather

Speedwell Weather provides quality weather data, weather forecasts, software, and consultancy. From offices in the UK and the USA we serve clients world-wide in sectors including weather-risk management, energy, insurance, and agriculture.

What are our main weather data products?

Our data products include SuperPack® which provides immediate access to our primary archive of over 20,000 of high quality world-wide weather data sets including historical data and feeds and on-request access to our secondary archive of over 100,000 sites.

The Speedwell Forecast SuperPack provides unlimited group-wide access to our downscaled and raw probabilistic forecast products - We produce downscaled forecasts for over 4000 sites around the world using ECMWF and GFS models covering 15 days and monthly periods.

The Speedwell Commodity Product is a web-application providing latest historical and forecast weather data relating to precipitation, GDD, extreme heat and frost for over 260 key crop regions world-wide.

Speedwell is the dominant provider of Settlement Data for parametric risk contracts world-wide.

How is weather data delivered to the end user?

Weather data can be delivered by FTP or made available through ZE Group’s Zema data management tool. An unlimited number of individual users within the licenced organisation can also get immediate access to weather data and tools from the Speedwell website. API access to those SuperPack sites which are delivered over the weatherXchange® Platform is also available” (SuperPack-Premium users only)

What is unique about the SuperPack® data product?


  • Provides instant access to over 20,000 data sets worldwide (click here)
  • Offers on–request access to our secondary archives of over 100,000 sites
  • Dramatically simplifies the administration of your weather data needs. A single subscription covers all users corporate-wide across multiple office locations 24-hours per day.

Which industries use Speedwell Weather products?

Our subscribers include insurers, reinsurers, agri-firms, investment banks, hedge funds, commodity traders, energy companies, and others.

Do you provide trials of any of your products?

Yes – we provide 10 day trials of our Commodity Product and can provide sample data feeds and access to our website tools and data. Please sign up to our free trial here