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Daily Climatologies

Access standard sets of smoothed climatologies through our website - additional stations and packages available upon request

We can provide climatologies on request for any sites or groups of sites. This can be on a one-off basis or as an annual subscription for rolling periods where climatologies are updated with the latest year of data

  • Any weather variable (temperature, precipitation, wind speed,...)
  • Smoothing method: climatologies are smoothed using Kernel smoothing
  • Climatologies for the last 10 years, the last 30 years and for the 71- 2000 period covering temperature and rainfall
  • Available for raw data, Speedwell Cleaned data, Recalibrated Data
  • Standard packs of climatologies are available through the Speedwell website for download

Hourly Climatologies

We can provide hourly climatologies (24*366 data points) for any site and weather variable for which we have hourly data. We carry hourly data inventory for many thousands of sites including those in Europe, Australia, Canada and the USA.

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Documents UK Germany Germany Polish
Climatologies PDF Document
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